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I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter......the cast-offs of human society.  I saw in their eyes, love and hope; fear and dread; sadness and betrayal.  And I was angry. I said "God, this is terrible, why don't you do something?"  God was silent, then spoke softly, "I HAVE done something, I have created you"   (Jim Willis)

THIS is what volunteers and fosters do;

By volunteering, you can help walk the dogs, bath them, play with the cats; go shopping or even take an animal to the vet, if needed.  ANY thing you can do, we will be thankful for.

By fostering you give us insight into the animals personality and making room for more homeless pets in need of our help.  Sometimes we have an animal that needs special care, regular medications, or bottle feedings.

No deed is too small, or unappreciated.

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