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To Donate to the
Wetzel County Animal Shelter 

There are several ways that you can help us, HELP the animals in our county.


1. Go to our wish list and buy/order food and supplies and have shipped directly to us at:  Wetze County Animal Shelter, 399 Mollahan Drive, New Martinsville, WV  26155


2.  Mail any monetary donations to the same address above.  This goes into our fund allotted by the County Budget.

3.  Call us or ask any of the employees, what you can do to help.  We always need fosters and dog walkers.


 We house and care for the county strays and unwanted animals. We try to help with as many cats as space allows, sometimes housing approx. 30 cats and 25 dogs in the facility. The Shelter screens all applicants very throughly prior to adoption and finds the pets the best fit for a good, safe, forever homes.  Each resident is evaluated, tested, and completely vetted prior to going to their new home. (as health allows) and treated for any additional medical needs.  We try to make sure that anyone needing food for dogs or cats can get this. The Shelter often helps humans with financial assistance for spay/neuter and medical needs at the vets. If an animal is in need, the shelter will do what ever they physically and financially can to help that animal. The shelter spends well over $25,000.00 a year in veterinary fees.  We have made some changes and improvements to our physical facility.  Anyone who would like to donate time, talents, love, or funding to the shelter would be greatly appreciated!!!

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