Donate to the shelter 

We are the Wetzel  County Animal Shelter Supporters, Inc.  We  are a 501c3 that was formed to help the Wetzel County Animal Shelter fund their work.  The Shelter is the "County Pound" and is forced to take all strays in Wetzel County, But they do so much more. The Shelter opens it's doors to more to neighboring counties and states dogs when there is space and/or need. In addition to taking cats as other cats are adopted.  Normally housing approx 30 cats and 25 dogs in the facility. The Shelter screens all applicants throughly prior to adoption and finds the residents good, safe, forever homes.  Each resident is evaluated, tested, and completely vetted prior to going to their new homes! (as health allows) and treated for any additional medical needs!  The Shelter also helps the community with shelter for dogs who are forced to live in outdoor homes, and food for dogs  whose humans cannot afford to purchase it.  The Shelter often helps humans with financial assistance for spay/neuter and medical  needs at the vets.  If an animal is in need, the shelter will do what ever they physically and financially can to help that animal.  The shelter spends well over $25,000.00 a year in veterinary fees.  We are currently making improvements to our physical facility.  Anyone who would like to donate time, talents, love, or funding to the shelter would be appreciated!!!